Vehicle Detail Prices

Looking to get your vehicle cleaned?

We’ve got four reasonably priced packages that cover just about your entire car. Use our price list below to help you decide which option is right for your car detailing needs!

Get your car, truck, RV or polish camper detailed here
Detailing Service Included Services Service Posts - by vehicle size ***
Car Wash Exterior Wash, Clean Inside of Car, Dash & Trim, Vacuum Seats & Carpeting, Glass Cleaning, Wheel Cleaning Medium: $120 Large: $150
Car Wash & Wax Car Wash Package + Exterior Wax Medium: $160 Large: $190
Car Wash & Interior Shampoo Car Wash Package + Shampoo Carpeting & Seats (or leather treatment) Medium: $230 Large: $270
Car Wash, Interior Shampoo & Wax Car Wash Package + Shampoo Carpeting & Seats (or leather treatment) + Exterior Wax Medium: $270 Large: $310
Rail Dust Removal Add Rail Dust Removal to any Detail Package For $95
Wash & Wax Only Wash Exterior, Wax Exterior Medium: $75 Large: $95

*** Heavily Soiled Vehicles will have a 50% Surcharge Added
Shampoo Carpeting & Seats – vehicles with leather seats will receive alternate treatment

Found the right package for your vehicle?

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